The Stainless Solutions Group BV specialises in a Total Concept for businesses and customers in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Process industries. Equally we offer services to companies in other sectors which produce or wish to produce high-end stainless steel products.

Stringent requirements apply to these high-end, mainly stainless steel (but also aluminium) products in respect of hygiene, ease of cleaning, corrosion resistance and antimicrobial properties. The Stainless Solutions Group has evolved from many years of experience in the industry and the proven top quality of these high-end products.



high level welding

  • Hygienic production
  • Tank and machinery construction
  • Components manufacture
  • Assembly


for superior quality

  • Finishing
  • Grinding/sanding
  • Polishing
  • Custom finishes


powered by SUBLIMOTION-process®

  • Surface roughness Ra <0.6 µm
  • Optimum corrosion resistance
  • Controlled surface shot peening
  • Optimum ease of cleaning


for your total concept support

  • Specific advice
  • On-site advice
  • Tests and readings
  • Reports and certificates

The Total Concept ensures that customers in the Supply Chain receive a total package, because they are able to obtain all the services they require from a single reliable partner/supplier. Customers benefit from this in terms of lead time, plus financially and logistically (no additional transport) and in terms of quality (no risk of damage), etc. This flexibility that we offer our customers is important as they can opt for the Total Concept, but alternatively can choose just specific elements of our Total Concept.
These services are performed in an open, honest and transparent manner based on a corporate social responsible approach which benefits people and the environment. In respect of these CSR values, the focus is on:

  • environmental awareness, sustainable business practices
  • open and transparent communication
  • social values and ethics when interacting with customers, colleagues and suppliers

Quite simply, the Stainless Solutions Group is a reliable partner for your high-quality and high-end products. Our staff are always on hand to offer appropriate solutions.